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    The service received from Julie McDonald and her team has been exemplary.

    Julie undertook our instructions and assisted in organising our affairs with utmost clarity. Her advice was precise and to the point.

    We have no hesitation in recommending her services, and are extremely satisfied that our affairs have been handled in a most professional manner.

    Thank you Julie.

    Mr & Mrs D

    Previous experience of legal services were abrupt, feeling uncomfortable, unpleasant but necessary task.  We were concerned about legal jargon and not being able to fully understand the process.  Feelings of inferiority.

    The above perceptions now totally changed.  Julie was able to offer full explanations in easy to understand terminology.  Very relaxed setting.  Friendly atmosphere.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Professional manner. Ability to explain everything in easy to understand terms for the lay person.
    2. Reassured by Julie’s knowledge and ability to interpret what we wanted.
    3. Nice setting – parking on site.

    Can’t recommend highly enough.  Excellent service.

    Fantastic service.  Thoroughly recommend Julie.  Would happily use services again.

    to ePr1.

    Mr & Mrs M

    There was a need to put our estate in a legally bound document (i.e. Will) so that the persons mentioned were treated as we both wanted.  We were both satisfied with the changes made after receiving excellent advice from Julie McDonald.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Expert advice
    2. Explanations to every legal question that arose
    3. Step by step instructions through the whole process in layman’s terms

    We would tell others – not to worry, Julie McDonald will be with you every step of the way with her helpful, legal advice and only a telephone call away from any questions.

    A meeting that we were not looking forward to, but conducted on a very friendly basis which dispelled any of our fears for the legal profession.

    Mr & Mrs K

    Before we contacted us, we were concerned that the family would find it difficult to be able to deal with our affairs if we became unable to, without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.  We chose to use your services as we found it difficult to understand all the legalities in setting up LPAs.

    We found your services very helpful and feel much happier now things are in place.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. You explained the documents thoroughly and answered any questions and doubts that we had.
    2. You dealt with any concerns that we had efficiently, keeping us informed at every step.
    3. We found you a very friendly and understanding professional to deal with.

    We would advise others to come to you if, like us, they felt unable to do it themselves.

    Your services were efficient, informative and friendly, making the experience quite painless.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Mr & Mrs S

    I needed a simple Will to be drafted.  I was grateful for the additional advice provided.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Affordability
    2. Friendly and communicative
    3. Prompt responses

    I would advise anyone looking for help and not knowing how to start to contact you.  Thank you for your help – much appreciated.

    Mr B

    I was perfectly happy with the outcome on all accounts.  The biggest benefits of your services are efficiency and personal service.

    A very good service with excellent information given.

    Mrs H

    Our need was to review and revise our Wills and put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Julie McDonald Family Law appeared to have the relevant expertise.  Our experience has proven the perception to be correct.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Specific and relevant expertise
    2. Convenient local location
    3. A clear understanding of our needs

    Expect a friendly welcome, receive clear understandable advice and answers to questions.

    Friendly, relevant, sufficient time given during meetings, efficient, value for money.

    Mr & Mrs P

    I was expecting a complicated drawn out affair with legalistic jargon I found difficult to understand.  Everything was made clear and easy to understand in a friendly atmosphere.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Friendly atmosphere
    2. Everything easily explained
    3. All dealt with very promptly

    And car parking!

    I would definitely recommend your services to anyone needing legal advice.

    I would like to thank you for your assistance and if the family need help when executing my Will they can contact you for assistance.

    Mr R

    My concerns were whether my husband would consent to a divorce and where I stand given he was in another country.  Julie McDonald was very supportive and understanding of the complexities of divorce.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. Knowing how much I needed to pay and when
    2. Knowing that the divorce would proceed when I had paid
    3. Flexibility of email/phone contact and keeping me up to date with what’s happening.
    Mrs R

    I saw your advert in CB8 and decided to contact you.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    – Local to us
    – Face to face meeting
    – Quick efficient service

    Mrs E

    I had made contact in 2015 when you explained that my needs for a Solicitor could only be met in Scotland.  I was impressed by your courteous and sympathetic response.

    This initial impression has been sustained – indeed strengthened as I have now received your professional advice/services.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:

    1. The offer to provide an initial ‘no fee’ consultation
    2. Clarity of advice (explanation of the law as it impacts on specific client circumstances)
    3. Professional/sympathetic service


    Mr G

    Before meeting you perceptions of legal professionals was that they were stiff and starchy with little understanding of how real people lived and seemed judgmental.

    On meeting you that opinion swiftly changed as I felt you showed a genuine interest in my predicament and you were very reassuring at a difficult time.  I felt you really went the extra mile.

    I would be very happy to recommend you should any friend or acquaintance find themselves needing legal help.

    Mrs T

    We were very happy with the service we received from you,  you were very helpful in answering all our questions and gave us advice re our Wills.  We felt confident throughout our meetings that we were being advised in a thoughtful and professional way and came away feeling that everything was clear and in order which of course puts our minds at rest.

    Mr & Mrs B

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Professional results.
    2. Cost-free will storage.
    3. An accommodating and friendly service.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Julie McDonald Family Law

    Thank you for your patience! Sorry again for taking months to get back to you between communications.

    Mr F

    Small friendly and efficient team. No big glamorous offices – I’m sure this helps keep costs down. Introductory offer – Much appreciated

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Friendly, efficient and personal service.
    2. Parking available.
    3. In Julie’s absence, knowledgeable and helpful PA (Rebecca)
    4. Personal feel to service.
    5. Friendly and efficient.
    Mr & Mrs B

    I did not have any concerns. My Perception was that you would be able to help me to contrast my will.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Patience: it took me ages to get back to your e-mails, make decisions, read drafts and make edits etc. and you were always courteous, professional and understanding throughout our dealings; you always answered my questions and queries in an accessible jargon-free so that I understood the process, the legal aspects and different terms.
    2. Value for money: I was very appreciative that you kept the fee the same from when I first contacted you.
    3. Friendly and Approachable: this makes a big difference when discussing what I would like to happen what I would like to happen in the event of my death and I would certainly recommend your services to others.

    I would say that the service is very good, affordable and professional whilst still retaining a personal touch.

    Mrs A

    We expected a small friendly firm, we had no concerns   .

    Our perception has not changed, we found Julie to be what we expected, very friendly, helpful.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Experience.
    2. Understanding of our requirements.
    3. Proficiency.

    We would tell people not to hesitate, use Julie. We would not need to think twice to use Julie again.

    We were impressed by the relaxed way you did things and the good communication we received.

    We would like to wish Julie every success in the future.

    Mr & Mrs R

    We dad concerns over our previous Wills (with another company) and wanted to make amendments.

    All scenarios were explained and we progressed from there.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Value for money.
    2. Everything explained simply.
    3. Easy parking.
    4. Efficient friendly service, would recommend
    5. Really helpful, never felt rushed. On a couple of occasions phoned up to ask questions and our queries were always dealt with efficiently
    Mr & Mrs S

    My concern was trying to find a firm of solicitors that did not make me feel like I was just there to be billed every five minutes and did not understand or empathise the complexity of my case.

    After trying another firm of solicitors’ I was recommended to contact Julie McDonald Family Law by the citizen’s advice bureau. As soon as I met Julie I felt reassured that I had finally found a professional and also ‘human’ solicitor who was very friendly and understanding.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Great advice.
    2. Reasonable fees.
    3. Friendly service.

    Julie stands out from other solicitors I have come across. She will champion your case and will work very hard to create a good outcome.

    Very approachable and speedy response. You are a good communicator. Your secretary was lovely and efficient too.

    With the greatest of respect, I hope not to use your services again but would not hesitate if ever I needed to.

    Mr D

    I thought Julie’s expertise in relation to my divorce, particularly in regard to the financial settlement. Divorce law is so complicated and full of hurdles and pitfalls, especially in relation to this aspect. My ex-wife had refused all offers I had places before her, despite the fact legal advice had told me I was being more than fair. I was aware that if she continued to refuse my offers I would be heading to court and barristers would come into play. To be honest this all seemed extremely daunting, if not petrifying.

    At my very first meeting with Julie, her relaxed yet professional demeanour instantly put me at rest. She was efficient, precise and knowledgeable. Julie clearly explained the process and as soon as I handed over my paperwork I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

    I will list in importance to me. 1) her rates are more than competitive. 2) Her knowledge base is excellent, as is her knowledge of local barristers…. Essential when dealing with such personal and important matters. 3) Julie is extremely efficient. I never had to wait long for replies to calls or emails. She has a personal, empathetic side and I really felt like she was fighting my corner, more so than other solicitors I have had dealings with. She genuinely listened to what I wanted, suggested alternative points yet really did take the time to listen to me.

    Don’t hesitate, trust the testimonials of others who have taken the time to write on here. They, like me have given their time to do so, as we have been impressed with Julie’s services.

    Efficient, no nonsense approach. Julie just gets on with it and does exactly as she says she will for you, her client.

    Thankyou Julie and team. We couldn’t have asked for better legal services and you helped us get a fair result, which is all we could ever have asked for.

    Mr L

    I had no knowledge of divorce proceedings, what to expect, time scales. It was a very upsetting time for me and didn’t know what the stages were.

    After my initial meeting, I knew I had chosen the right solicitor. The process was explained in a clear manner, everything set out for me and also a box of tissues.

    Close to where I live, felt I could access the service when I needed. very calm and explained everything in a non-legal way, I knew exactly what was happening.

    Use the service – I would recommend this legal team without hesitation.

    I felt cared for, not just another client

    A massive thankyou for making such a hard time in my life a little easier.

    Mrs K

    Having had poor experiences with larger legal practices I wanted to use a smaller one after seeing your ad in my local newsletter.

    I have been very pleased with the outcome and will use you again.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Very approachable with advice put in layman terms.
    2. Contactable without additional costs.
    3. Competitive charges

    I would definitely use your practice again if the need arises and would gladly recommend to others

    I found you to be very professional, approachable and very fair having felt a bit like a cash cow when I needed to use other solicitors and practices in the past.

    Mr G

    I thought that the procedure would be complicated and time consuming. Having tried to do LPA on our own we felt very daunted by the procedure.

    It was neither. The process was fairly straight forward. My mother and I had great confidence in Julie’s approach to something we were dreading.

    Using Julie removed virtually all the anxiety and stress. Julie was professional and reassuring. Her friendly, plain speaking and efficient approach was just what we needed.

    I would highly recommend they use you and the fees are reasonable.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Approachable
    2. Friendly
    3. Reassuring
    4. Very efficient and inexpensive

    A big thankyou

    Mrs B

    I thought that it would be a very costly experience that I wouldn’t be able to afford in my current circumstances. I thought that making a Will would be complicated and time consuming.

    I now know that not all solicitors charge fees that are unaffordable to me and that making a Will as such as mine is very simple and quick.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Simple.
    2. Affordable.
    3. Quick.
    4. That you provide a small, friendly and efficient service.
    5. That I was able to contact either you or Rebecca and my questions were dealt with very quickly and efficiently. You are very approachable and knowledgeable, and the biggest factor for me was that you were affordable.
    6. We very much liked Minx, the cat, too.

    Thank you very much for dealing with my Will. I feel much happier having sorted that out. I would definitely recommend you to others, and will use you again if I need any further help.

    Mrs D

    We were very worried about the costs to receive legal services.

    After going through our case with Julie she told us how much it would cost for her to represent us, we were pleasantly surprised that even though our case was complex, Julie would do her best to keep legal costs low and affordable. She suggested areas we could also do some work on our own to try to keep the costs down. She was also able to recommend a very experienced affordable barrister to attend court with us.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Knowledge.
    2. Expertise.
    3. Understanding/empathetic

    It is worth spending every penny, after spending several months being stressed and anxious about our case, the day we met Julie, we felt reassured that we would have a positive outcome. It could have taken longer to get the outcome we wanted but Julie was reassuring that this should be the case, she would work extremely hard to make sure we get the best possible outcome. In our case, we managed to get a positive outcome at the first hearing because we were able to go well prepared with a very knowledgeable barrister on our side who had been recommended by Julie.

    When talking to Julie, it didn’t feel like she would look at you at client level. It felt like she was part of our family and clearly understood our anxieties about the case. At the same time, she remained very professional throughout. At times, I would have a ‘silly’ question, but Julie never made us feel like we were being silly asking simple questions, she was always very responsive of all messages, even during the weekends.

    Without Julie’s service, we can’t begin to think what outcome we would have had. We greatly appreciate her services.

    Mr & Mrs B

    My perception was that I would be overcharged as I had previously had a bad experience with another solicitor

    You were very ‘up front’ about costs and explained everything in ‘my language’

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Friendly and efficient service.
    2. You are made to feel that your business is important, even if it is only a small query.
    3. Costs

    I would say to people ‘Don’t hesitate – contact straight away’.

    You are a small business which offered good advice in terms which I could understand

    Miss T

    I wanted to put my affairs in order for my 3 children. Wanted simple and reliable advice.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Friendly and efficient service and a reasonable cost
    2. Helpful advice.
    3. Family friendly.
    4. Affordable.
    5. Near to home.
    6. Clear understandable advice, cost effective.

    Definitely try, check access to office first, this is the only thing I found difficult.  Direction to office front gate need to be clearer maybe, but was happy in general with the service.

    We provide instructions to access our offices and our free car park, which is at the rear of the building.  We now also have directions on a sign on the front gate.

    Mrs R

    We were needing Advice on changing of a will

    Very Satisfied in what we were advised.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Yourself.
    2. Home Visit.
    3. The Cost

    Very Recommendable

    Very satisfied with all aspects

    Everything was done with ease and understanding, leaving no stress

    Mrs W

    I  had a concern that as Julie runs the firm by herself the documents may become lost if Julie ceased to trade for whatever reason.

    Julie reassured me on this and that this would not be the case as they are lodged with a legal body.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Reasonably priced.
    2. Local.
    3. Prompt turn around on documents with little waiting time for appointments

    I would recommend your services for the above reasons along with your friendly service and general advice. The information was portrayed on a non-stuffy easy to follow format

    Miss S

    I was worried I would not understand anything. I thought it would cost a fortune and I would start something that the cost would go up and up

    Julie was lovely, right from the first tentative phone call, when even the directions to get to where she was situated were given in a friendly, easy to follow format. Julie gave clear guidance, and with certain degree of tactfulness (which I appreciated in the circumstances), explaining all possible routes that we may take in my actions and also gave clear costs of how much each route would cost me, before each step of the procedure. Every communication came with ‘if you don’t understand anything, Please just ask’, which when I did, answers were quickly given and comprehensively. I am not sure if my perception has changed for all solicitors, but it certainly has in the case of Julie McDonald family law.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Friendly
    2. Clear and comprehensive advice
    3. Transparent costings

    I would tell people to definitely use Julie McDonald

    I liked most about your service, the clear advice, the friendliness, the accurate timelines for things happening and your understanding of the situation.

    Mrs B

    We thought that Solicitors were unapproachable, with lots of legal language and very formal.

    However, everything was explained in a friendly and easy to understand way.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Peace of mind at the ease of having a Will made.
    2. Reassurance and understanding.
    3. A very friendly service

    We would recommend anyone who needed a solicitor to phone Julie immediately.

    The service was quick and if we were not sure about anything we only had to phone and ask.

    Mr & Mrs W

    My perception was that a solicitor would be too expensive.

    My perception has entirely changed. Glad we did the solicitor route instead of the proposed Will with a building society.

    The benefits of your services are

    1. Explaining the pitfalls and also changing the deeds of our property.
    2. Advice on points of our Will.
    3. Efficient service and also very close to home so no need to travel far.

    I would happily recommend your legal services to other people

    Mrs L

    My Parents drew up their Wills with you and your services therefore, came recommended. I had already been reassured that you were calm and thoughtful and made the process as easy as it can be.

    My perception hasn’t changed but been reinforced.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Your knowledge.
    2. Your flexibility.
    3. Your fee

    I would inform anyone seeking a solicitor for a Will that Julie is calm, approachable, and makes what can feel like a daunting process as painless as possible

    I never felt pressurised and always felt as if you had my best interests as a priority.

    Miss B

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Good explicit advice.
    2. Easy access
    3. Home Visits.
    4. Friendly and efficient.
    5. Being kept informed

    I have had limited contact with legal service but yours was the best by far

    Mr G

    I did not want a stuffy legal document as my Will. I wanted something that my family would recognise as my thoughts and wishes.

    My will, drawn up by Julie, was exactly what I wanted, concise and to the point, no stuffy legal language.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Convenient
    2. Informal
    3. Quick and speedy service
    4. The convenience and friendliness

    Go ahead and see Julie, it’s very painless

    So different from other legal offices I’ve been to, no long corridors or gloomy rooms, just bright efficient spaces.

    Ms H

    I thought the process would be more time consuming and costly

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Very easy to establish
    2. Home visit.
    3. Expertise.
    4. Cost
    5. Highly professional, affordable and reliable
    6. Home visit as I am elderly and do not drive
    Mrs C

    We were not sure about the whole process for the power of attorney. We had no concerns about how everything would progress with Julie at the helm.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Easy to understand the whole process, fully explained by Julie in plain English
    2. Friendly approach, suited to the customer.
    3. Home visit, more relaxed.
    4. Very reasonable cost
    5. Julie is friendly, professional and very helpful. Julie has time to answer any questions
    6. Efficient, clear communication and appointments to suit the customer availability.

    Julie has helped our family with a few legal issues to date. We would not hesitate to recommend her to others. Fair professional and friendly. A wonderful solicitor.

    Mrs N

    I was unsure of way to proceed.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Fabulous clear guide lines help
    2. Clear easy to follow.
    3. Payment clear fixed price.
    4. Helpful knowledgeable approachable

    Ii recommend you as the most helpful person I have met

    Thankyou for guidance. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Mrs L

    When first approaching a solicitor, I will looking at cost, relevance of service to my needs and that we would be seen as a small fry and not of much interest in terms of business.

    It was expensive but the costs were thoroughly explained, we were offered payment in instalments and a discount. Service was relevant, bespoke and I never felt I wasn’t a valid customer.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Home visits (we have a young family and work full time).
    2. Tailored to each clients needs.
    3. Everything is explained clearly and I felt comfortable to ask questions
    4. Good value for money in terms of advice given, relevance of topics discussed and action taken and that you are true to your word in terms of meeting deadlines.

    I felt confident you knew what you were talking about and were giving me good advice

    Mrs T

    Having looked at your website and spoken to a friend, I was sure that you would be able to draw up and suitable Will and explain things in non – technical language

    I did not know that you could be an executor – that solved one of the biggest problems – I did not know who to ask as most of my responsible friends are either dead or two elderly

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. You are a cat person and did not argue about leaving legacies to cat charities.
    2. Being able to come to my house at convenient times.
    3. Very straightforward and efficient service
    4. You are a cat person and explain things clearly providing an efficient service
    5. Very precise – all changes to the wording were carried out

    Very convenient and home visits

    Miss G

    You were recommended and I was confident that you could deal with my requirements.

    I was not disappointed.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Your open and friendly personality makes you easy to talk to.
    2. You explain things clearly.
    3. You offer competitive rates.

    I would highly recommend you.

    Thanks for your help.

    Mrs H

    Didn’t realise how many different scenarios you have to consider. However, you managed the process very well and explained things clearly.

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Flexible – willing to do home visits. Also gave financial advice and recommended we see a professional re tax etc. Friendly and personal. Put us at ease
    2. That you are very good – have already given your contact details to people at work
    3. Friendly but professional personality, put us at ease and explained everything very clearly.
    Mrs B

    The three benefits of your service were:

    1. Approachable and friendly.
    2. Efficient.
    3. Cost did not exceed estimate

    The service I received was extremely good. I would use Julie McDonald again and recommend the firm to friends and family

    Mrs B

    I would highly recommend you.

    Mrs H

    I saw a photograph of you and thought that you looked very friendly and kind

    The benefits of your services are:

    1. Local service.
    2. Cost was reasonable.
    3. Kept things simple during meetings so that I easily understood

    I would recommend, on above factors.

    An efficient and friendly service

    Miss B

    You were:

    Friendly, efficient and professional

    Mr C

    You were highly recommended by a friend.

    The benefits of your services were efficiency, friendly and surroundings more homely than daunting,as many offices appear to be.

    I was made to feel welcome and I felt very comfortable and assured

    The whole process was far easier than I anticipated and would definitely recommend you to other people. Too many solicitors today and very stiff and too official.

    Mrs H

    All my concerns were to get things sorted out before my demise rather than letting the government take everything.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Peace of mind. Knowing I have done the right thing
    2. I would say that it is an easy way to get things done, and one can never tell what will happen.
    3. Your services were quick, easy and straightforward

    Nothing else to add, Thank you

    Mr C

    My wife and I recently decided to have 2 new wills done. Our son had the same done with Julie McDonald Family Law, recently. We are exceptionally pleased with the professional way Julie handled every aspect of the process. Fast, friendly, efficient and with very reasonable fees, we would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family

    Mr & Mrs N

    We would like to say we have received excellent service from you. You explained all the complexities of our wills to us in simpler terms for us to understand and all the options there are , which helped us to make the right decisions for us and our circumstances.
    We cannot fault the service we have received. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

    Mr & Mrs S

    I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding. You managed to explain the process and the options in terms that we could understand and engage our confidence to an extent that we were so comfortable with the result that we felt that we could relax and leave it.

    Our meetings were very relaxed and friendly and your responses were timely and professional. We were introduced to you by recommendation and we have recommended you to another since, for whom you are acting.

    AND on top of all this your fees were very reasonable and your office comfortable and easy to access. Altogether a very pleasant experience and not daunting as we feared.

    Mr & Mrs L

    I would like to say huge Thank You for your work on my case. I would like, to be honest, and say: It was an expensive pleasure but worth it, especially if I met on my way such as nice lady like you. Good luck in the future.

    Mr H

    We were both very pleased and impressed with your service and will definitely come back to you again should the need arise and or recommend you to family/friends. Thank you.

    Mr B and Ms E

    I thought that solicitors could be unapproachable and perhaps talk in legal terms not easily understood by the general public. Julie was friendly and very straightforward, her advice was presented in a clear way that made the whole process simple.

    You provided clear friendly advice. Flexible arrangements with home visits possible.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Julie McDonald for any family related law services they may require.

    You offered a flexible friendly approach. We felt we were given all the relevant advice without pressure and at a timescale to suit us.

    Should we require any future legal services, you will be the first person we contact. Thank you.

    Mrs S

    I had no real concerns, I was slightly worried it would be costly and I may have got tied in knots with legal jargon.

    The whole process was simple and I was not baffled by any legal jargon. Was also very impressed by the fees and transparency of any additional fees.

    Your three best points are:

    1. Dealt with me in a professional yet friendly manner and was reasonably priced.

    2. Very good, honest and professional service.

    3. How straightforward you made the whole process. Felt confident and relieved that my Will was finally sorted.

    Miss S

    My concern was the fact that I have no blood relatives to help with my financial affairs should I be unable to deal with some. Feel much more at ease since the LPA is in place.

    Your three best points are:

    1. Ease of appointments.

    2. Friendly yet professional manners.

    3. Promptness in dealing with issues.

    I would tell anyone looking for a Solicitor not to hesitate in contacting your office.

    I liked the friendliness and your ability to put a client at ease, answering questions in layman terms and the promptness of replies.

    Many thanks for a great service, in what is a delicate area for a client

    Mr B

    I found your advert in CB8.

    I have already recommended a friend to your services.

    Someone easy to correspond with – female to female.

    One point was it was rather difficult to post a letter by hand due to security but I knew that’s a good thing. So I must use the post.

    Ms W

    I was arranging a Will for my husband and I. Our Wills are now sorted.

    You are local, friendly and efficient.

    You were very easy to deal with, giving clear and concise advice.

    Mr & Mrs F

    I required advice on updating will and LPA. You were prompt, clear and readily available.

    Thank you

    Mrs L

    It’s always difficult to choose a solution. We found you very helpful and efficient.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Coming to our house.

    2. Thoroughly explaining everything to us.

    3. Friendly manner.

    You were very efficient and did the work thoroughly and efficiently.

    Will recommend you should an occasion arise.

    Miss B

    I thought that it was going to be traumatic with loads of forms and stuff to fill in and complicated questions to answer. You made it so easy.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Friendly.

    2. Availability.

    3. Helpful.

    She is great and so approachable.

    I liked the friendly professional service you provided and the way you put things into layman’s terms when filling in forms. You made it a lot less traumatic. Thank you so much.

    I always recommend you to anyone I know that needs legal advice.

    Mrs I

    You are professional in your services and have the appropriate qualifications.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Very friendly and welcoming.

    2. Dealt with all of my queries very thoroughly and professionally.

    3. One to one personal attention, not lost in a large legal company.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mr S

    From the first meeting with Julie I felt comfortable that I could afford to divorce my husband and that I had grounds to. Julie was very informative and gave me strength to ensure I had a fair settlement.

    Julie I believe charges at a fair rate for her services considering it is generally expensive to employ a solicitor. Being able to communicate by email is a massive improvement on postal communication, considering cost and speed. Julie gives a personal service and I felt at all times that she cared about me as a client.

    I would say that Julie charges a fair price, she is kind and efficient and gives sensible informed advice when required.

    I liked being able to email.

    I am very happy that I found Julie’s advent in a local Newmarket magazine. I feel she dealt with my case really well, informing me along the way about my rights. She acts in a professional yet personal manner and I feel she supported me through my divorce both legally and with the knowledge that I was doing the right thing for me.

    Ms P

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Reasonable charges.

    2. Personal advice.

    3. Prompt responses.

    Reliable service offering peace of mind.

    Personal advice and prompt replies.

    I had peace of mind, when I decided to move further with the case.

    Ms C

    I would, and have already, recommended you to friends.

    Efficient, friendly and uncomplicated.

    Mrs S

    To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I had spoken to a different solicitor previously and had found the advice leaving me feeling like I was going to struggle to get a fair outcome and kind of treated a little like I needed to show more consideration to my ex. As a result I was a bit confused and worried, but hoped for better advice.

    I found Julie’s service much better and was very pleased to have advice from a supportive and friendly solicitor.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Fair, correct advice that was specific to the case.

    2. Quick responses to questions.

    3. Made the whole process easy.

    I found it very helpful and painless.

    Friendly treatment, a solicitor who actually made me feel like she was on my side and there to support me through the process.

    Mrs K

    We needed a professional service to advise and implement wills and LPA’s

    We were delighted to find that your services were indeed excellent, professional and in layman terms, very understandable.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Complete.

    2. Speed of delivery.

    3. Succinct advice.

    We will recommend you wherever the opportunity arises

    Thanks so much for the help as we now have LPA’s and Wills sufficient to meet our requirements 100%

    Mr & Mrs F

    From the articles I read, I thought you only dealt in divorce, but you deal with so much more.

    You were very helpful, friendly, we could understand our discussions and felt at ease, asking if we couldn’t. The consultation at the start was particularly helpful.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Local

    2. Efficient

    3. Good advice and help

    Mr & Mrs E

    We were pleased to conduct our business in a relaxed environment. Everything was explained to us in clear, straight forward language which was easy to understand. Julie listened to our needs/situation and provided exactly what we needed in an efficient, professional manner whilst being very approachable and friendly..

    I would (already have) recommended friends and family to use your services. I have said you are down to earth and easy to talk to. Plus we were pleased with the cost and efficient service provided.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Being able to communicate by email made things quick and easy.

    2. Plus your relaxed and friendly nature.

    Mrs S

    Completely satisfied and the advice was very helpful. I was made to feel very comfortable and Julie gave really good advice.

    Mrs B

    Thank you for your friendly and efficient service regarding my divorce.

    I am very happy with how easy you made the whole process, and at a very reasonable price.

    I would not hesitate to recommend your services to all my friends and family.

    Mr C

    Many thanks for all your help and time, you were amazing, objective, and very reassuring at an extremely difficult time in our lives.

    Mrs B

    I thought the service you provided was fantastic. I turned up at a busy time of the year for you and despite this you could not have been more helpful in helping me to make out my will. I hope you had a good Christmas and hope you have a good year ahead. Please feel free to use my message on your website as I would recommend your service to anyone.

    Mr S

    In view of our limited mobility these days, it was extremely helpful that you could visit us at home to discuss the drafting of our Wills.

    Thank you for your prompt attention and completing the paperwork so quickly and efficiently. We were very grateful for your expert advice.

    Mr & Mrs H

    Found the whole proceedings to be simple and easy to understand.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Straight forward, no nonsense.

    2. Everything explained in an easy to understand way.

    3. Kept fully informed of what’s going on.

    I would tell people considering to use your legal services that if they have any worries or doubts about using a legal service for any reason, to use your service as they will be made to feel at ease and all those doubts and worries will go straight our of the window through your friendly and straight forward down to earth way.

    I liked using your service as it was friendly, easy to understand what I was being told, no hidden costs, everything upfront. All options explained.

    I would recommend your service to any one asking me if they knew of a legal service to use and will only be too happy to use your services again if I need to do so. Thank you for everything.

    Mr C

    We thought it would be a complicated process because we are not married and I am still married. Julie made it all seem very easy and uncomplicated. She was not at all phased. She was very calm.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. The relief we have finally done this.

    2. That our family don’t need to worry.

    3. That there was no hidden extra costs.

    I would definitely recommend Julie. She was very professional and although she took her time with us, she did not take ages with providing our drafts and then our Wills.

    Julie came to our home out of office hours, which was a big help to us. She explained things to us so we could understand! She was very professional.

    If you are looking for a Solicitor to deal with family matters, I would definitely recommend Julie. She is calm, friendly but also very professional.

    Mrs C

    Thought it would be overly formal, but it was a nice relaxed meeting.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Friendly.

    2. Approachable.

    3. Straight forward.

    Your services were efficient, quick and simple.

    Mrs W

    Julie has a refreshingly unfussy approach to doing business, with none of the stuffiness one might feel about a visit to a solicitor. I had agonised over making a will and how best to draw it up, but engaging with Julie set those concerns aside. In addition she was able to highlight some areas about which I would never have thought. It made will making a pleasure and one which I can highly recommend.

    Mr A

    You offer a friendly and efficient service.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Efficiency.

    2. Understanding.

    3. Feeling of support.

    We most liked your support and the manner in which you gave your support.

    Mr & Mrs M

    Having previously made a Will over 20 years ago to protect our infant children we were looking to update this. We now have a Will that reflects our family’s changing circumstances which we are happy with.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Friendly and approachable.

    2. Tailored well to our needs.

    3. Good value.

    Would be happy to recommend you to others. Would like to thank you for all your help and wish you every success in the future.

    Mr & Mrs M

    I didn’t have any concerns in using your legal services and my perceptions were clear after our initial meeting.

    Having the flexibility of meeting in the evenings in one’s own home or to arrange a time to meet at the office was a great benefit.

    Miss M

    Julie visited us in our home to discuss and prepare our Wills and we found her to be not only very professional but also very easy to talk to and a pleasure to deal with.

    She made the whole process very stress free and at a very reasonable price too. We now have peace of mind that our Wills have been done properly and is one less thing to worry about.

    Mrs P and Mr F

    Julie explained everything in easy to understand language in our own home at a reasonable price.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Home visit.

    2. Friendly.

    3. Knowledgeable.

    Julie is very helpful and knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. We found Julie was very friendly and didn’t mind us firing different questions at her. We would definitely recommend her to other people.

    Mr & Mrs K

    You are a very nice, competent, highly qualified solicitor. Also you provide a much needed and excellent service.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Completing a valid legal document for future reference.

    2. Making my son’s work so much easier when he will need it.

    3. The prevention of family disagreements on who should get what and my peace of mind knowing I have a valid, current Will.

    Your costs are excellent for work well done. You are a pleasure to deal with and thank you.

    Mr O

    As I hadn’t heard of Julie McDonald, I wondered what the service would be like. I was surprised how friendly Julie McDonald was. It was only by going to Newmarket Day Centre that I hard about you.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. You came to my house as I don’t drive.

    2. You can tell I also have bad eye sight.

    3. The price was very reasonable compared to a Cambridge solicitor.

    I most liked your friendliness and how quick my Will was completed.

    Mrs G

    I was unsure about using a solicitor who was not part of a practice. Having met with you and had your services explained, I was extremely pleased.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Friendly.

    2. Helpful.

    3. Given me peace of mind.

    I will be recommending you to anyone else I meet who needs a solicitor.

    Mr B

    I was attracted by the straightforward language you used on your flyer. I was dubious because you were so much cheaper than the other practices which I approached for a Will. However, your explanation seemed very logical. I was slightly dubious about you not having a physical office for traceability, but I looked you up on the Law Society and was reassured – and your prices were impossible to better.

    Your professionalism removed any doubt about your status. Your straightforward and accessible approach was confirmed.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Convenience of coming to the house.

    2. Cost.

    3. Approachability.

    Although it was a very simple and small job, you made me feel valued and in no way belittled, as can happen sometimes when lawyers embark on jargonistic explanations. You took time to care and to answer eery query I had. Thank you.

    Miss M

    Julie is friendly, approachable and very pleasant in giving her professional advice. She has also been very efficient.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Friendly, personal attention.

    2. Being prepared to come to our home.

    3. Being happy to broaden discussion beyond immediate issues. We appreciated the time you gave us at our initial contact.

    You have been very efficient. You were prepared to come to us and your charges were reasonable.

    Mr & Mrs S

    We were concerned that we had not updated our Wills. Also we needed advice reference Powers of Attorney and a Solicitor to do the legal work. We now have peace of mind.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. To have a home visit.

    2. Someone that we could talk to and felt at ease with.

    3. Thorough explanations.

    You explained things thoroughly and made one feel at ease. Also things went quickly and efficiently.

    The fees charged for these services were very reasonable.

    Mr & Mrs N

    Friendly, efficient, home visits very convenient, easy to understand advice and helpful.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Home visits with free consultation.

    2. Impartial advice.

    3. Competitive rates.

    Mr C

    Very helpful and prompt service.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Very friendly.

    2. Well explained.

    3. Able to do at home (by you doing home visits).

    Mr H

    Your phone call [to tell me that the Consent Order was approved by the Court] was the best news I could have had and my tears were of pure joy and relief that nearly 7 years of anxiety is finally over. I still haven’t quite come down to earth yet and want to embrace this feeling of freedom for a long time to come.

    I want to thank you for your professional approach and for talking in plain English to enable me to understand a little better how the wheels turn in the legal minefield of divorce!

    Mrs S

    It was easy and cost a lot less than we thought it would.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Convenience of evening appointments.

    2. Cost.

    3. Friendly and helpful.

    Cost less than you would think and convenient appointment times at home.

    Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

    Mrs O

    When we met you we were immediately at ease.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Home visit.

    2. Clear and precise conversation.

    3. Everything done in time limit and no chasing necessary.

    You were easy to talk to, everything explained clearly.

    We wish you well in the future.

    Mrs F

    I had never needed to use a Solicitor before but you were recommended by the CAB in Haverhill.

    My expectations were more than surpassed.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Good communication.

    2. Very helpful.

    3. Seemingly excellent knowledge of family law.

    I most liked the speedy response to correspondence, the friendly and helpful attitude and general feeling that I was important.

    You’re a brilliant Solicitor and a very nice person.

    Mrs W

    I had no idea of some details involved in the wording of an up to date Will.

    Having talked to Julie and having things explained to me in a way that I understood, I felt more confident about this.

    A big benefit was being able to see Julie at home where I felt more relaxed. Having someone who understood what I needed was extremely helpful.

    You are kind and helpful and I would definitely recommend you.

    I most liked the home visits and the way you explained things and also you listened to my questions and told me things in an easy way, so that I understood.

    I would say that although nobody likes making Wills, etc. I felt very at ease with you. Thank you for all your help Julie.

    Mrs L

    I was worried it would be a difficult procedure, but it was so easy with the right guidance.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Home visits.

    2. Friendly.

    3. Honest and open.

    Julie answered all my questions, no matter how many I asked.

    Mrs H

    It was explained in terms I could understand.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Home visit.

    2. Relaxing.

    3. Explained in terms I could understand.

    I found this a very pleasant experience, not scary like it can feel in a Solicitor’s office.

    Mrs P

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Fast.

    2. Home visits.

    3. Satisfaction.

    Mr S

    I instructed Julie McDonald recently for advice on writing a Will.

    The totally professional and friendly service was outstanding from start to finish.

    Prompt and efficient with clear and easy to understand advice I would recommend Julie to anyone!

    She visits at home and arrives on time!

    The fees charges are very reasonable too.

    Mr N

    We already had a Will, done about 16 years ago, but when our daughter looked into it, the firm had disappeared.

    So we done it with a local firm we could trust and came to you.

    You came to the home and explained everything to us.

    We felt at ease when you explained it all to us.

    Mr & Mrs S

    I was very concerned that if I should suddenly become ill or mentally incapable of being able to manage my assets, that I had nothing in place to do this. It has now changed, so that I now feel relaxed in the knowledge that everything will be managed by my daughter and son-in-law, as to how I would want it to be.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Very clear and expert knowledge and advice as to what was the best thing to do.

    2. Being able to talk with your company in the relaxed and comfort of my own home.

    3. The very reasonable cost of your service.

    If you are concerned in any way about taking out Lasting Power of Attorney, please talk to Julie McDonald for the very best advice, and to be able to put your mind at rest.

    Mr I

    I was worried about not being able to visit a Solicitor for a Will. Having had a home visit, all worries disappeared.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Confidentiality.

    2. Easiness of operation.

    3. Quickness of service.

    I have already given your contact details to a friend.

    Mr G

    Julie made what we thought would be a complicated process, very simple for us both.

    Julie was very flexible regarding appointments and worked around our busy schedule.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services:

    1. Flexible appointment times.

    2. Fast response to emails.

    3. Friendly and efficient service.

    Highly recommended and we would be happy to use your services again.

    Mrs B

    You talked me through and made me feel that I could do it on my own.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services –

    1. Do not have to leave home.

    2. So quick and easy.

    3. The price was very good.

    What I most liked about your services was that you were very friendly and quick.

    Mrs O

    I had no concerns about you as you were recommended as a good person. I also read your newspaper write-up.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services –

    1. A straightforward friendly approach.

    2. Sound sensible advice.

    3. Your attention to detail, e.g. re-checking the charity addresses.

    What I most liked about your services was that I saw you so quickly, and all was done as you said it would be.

    I would tell others who are considering using your legal services to definitely go ahead.

    Mrs P

    Julie treats you as a person. Is never in a rush to get rid of you and out the door. A truly genuine, caring person and nothing is too much trouble for her. She also explains things to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

    When asked what are the three biggest benefits of your services –

    1. The phone call when I could talk to you and not feel that I was wasting your time.

    2. The follow up of the appointment on the computer.

    3. Complete comfort that I was in my own home and not rushed.

    A very nice person and I hope all goes well as she deserves to do well.

    Mrs E

    Thank you for all your hard work in connection with the completion of our Pre-nuptial Agreement. I have been impressed, not only by your efficiency and professionalism, but also by your great interpersonal skills and friendly manner. Doing business with you really has been a pleasure!

    Mr W

    I was concerned about visiting a traditional office because of the thought of dealing with a ‘name’ behind a desk!.

    The benefits of your services are:.

    1. Home visits.

    2. Personal and friendly service from the very first contact.

    Everything was made so easy.

    Mrs T

    It was really good to be able to discuss impartially the various issues regarding my Will, and to learn some of the strategies that I could consider.

    The three biggest benefits of your services are:.

    1. Excellent, impartial advice that is clearly current and very knowledgeable.

    2. Not feeling pressurised and so being able to take proper time to consider the various aspects of my Will.

    3. A real personal service, not the usual anonymity that I feel with other solicitor practices..

    Thank you so much for your time and expertise, it has been very valuable.!

    Mr R

    I expected that writing a Will would be tricky as we have children by previous marriages, the house is owned by me, but I don’t want to deprive my husband of a home if I die first, etc. I expected it to take longer to sort out.

    The whole experience was effected smoothly and efficiently, with those prior conceptions totally eradicated.

    I would encourage others to use your services as they are friendly, clearly very well-informed, and expedited swiftly and efficiently.

    For me (as an ‘ex-Lucy girl’) it was good to put business in the direction of another alumna. Also, I felt that we ‘clicked’ and I could happily do business with you. Some solicitors are so detached and impersonal – even when dealing with very personal, and potentially sensitive, matters. This certainly wasn’t the case with you!

    Mrs R

    We found Julie’s Will writing offer very competitive.

    Very efficient correspondence and Will documents turn around.

    We would recommend Julie’s Will writing service as we found it very efficient and tailored to our personal needs. We found meeting with Julie very pleasant and personal.

    Mr & Mrs C

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me over the last month and I know you have gone out of your way to try and keep the costs down for me which I really appreciate.

    You will always come highly recommended by me if anyone I know ever needs help.

    Mr F

    I contacted you with several other local firms. Unlike other firms, your reply was prompt, positive and clear and the fee you proposed seemed very reasonable. As things progressed it became clear that your comments were expert and to the point. You didn’t quibble unnecessarily in order to bump your fee, your replies were comprehensible and continued to be prompt.

    After this experience I would not hesitate to recommend your services to a friend and will most certainly come back to you should I require a specialist in Family Law again.

    When asked about the benefits of your services, my response was

    • Sensible, expert, comprehensive and comprehensible advice
    • Quick replies which are professional and personable
    • Reasonable fees stated up front, with no padding

    I would suspect that you would be a good person to work with under stressful circumstances such as divorce.

    Ms M

    Julie gave me the sound advice and expert representation I needed during a very difficult divorce. Not only did help with contact issues, but financial ones too, in a complex set of circumstances with an ex based overseas.

    She was more than just a voice at the end of the phone, I felt in very safe hands throughout. And when I contacted her many months later for an urgent copy of my Decree Absolute, she found the document I needed and had it emailed to me within fifteen minutes! That kind of service is rare, and I can’t recommend her enough.

    Miss K, Cambridge

    Making a first Will I wasn’t sure what to expect. However Julie gives practical and clear advice and helped me make the right decisions. I have recommended her to all my friends.

    Mrs B

    Julie was a wonderful find. She supported me through a difficult time explaining all the legal processes and options open to me and my son. She was friendly and caring and I would recommend her services to anyone.

    Mrs B

    I have known Julie for several years during time which she has briefed me in my capacity as a family law barrister.

    I can confidently say that in all that time she has always demonstrated a deep understanding of the law and facts of each of her cases.

    She always puts the interests of her client first, whilst at the same time litigating in a sensible and professional manner, never losing sight of the real issues involved. Her approachable, friendly, down to earth attitude is both refreshing and confidence inspiring for her clients.

    I have no hesitation in recommending her to someone in need of a quality family law specialist.

    Clive Sutton, Barrister

    I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Julie. She dealt with my affairs in a very professional, friendly, compassionate and speedy manner. She was always on hand to deal with any queries I had.

    Mrs M
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