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  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

    Lasting Powers of Attorney

    If you become seriously injured, or suffer a lack of mental capacity following an accident, nobody (including your family) can deal with your affairs unless you have a registered Lasting Power of Attorney (or Enduring Power of Attorney) or a person is appointed a Deputy by the Court. By making a Lasting Power of Attorney you can choose who you wish to appoint as your Attorney or Attorneys. We offer fixed fees for preparing and filing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

    There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:

    Lasting Power of Attorney – Property and Financial Affairs
    This allows your Attorney(s) to deal with your financial affairs and make decisions for you including paying your bills, dealing with your bank, collecting benefits/pensions and selling your house.A Lasting Power of Attorney can only be used once it has been registered. If you lose capacity, your Attorney(s) can then immediately act on your behalf.A Lasting Power of Attorney – Property and Financial Affairs can also be used while you still have capacity. Your Attorney(s) can act following your instructions. This is particularly useful if you become ill, frail or live abroad for part of the year and would like your Attorney(s) to deal with your bank or paying your bills.

    Lasting Power of Attorney – Health and Welfare
    This allows your Attorney(s) to make decisions on your behalf relating to your treatment, care, medication and where you live. It can also provide that your Attorney(s) give or refuse consent to medical treatment.A Lasting Power of Attorney – Health and Welfare can only be used once it has been registered and you lack the mental capacity to make decisions yourself.

    Who should you choose as your Attorney(s)?

    It is crucial to choose someone you trust to look after your affairs. You can choose more than one person and you can decide whether your Attorneys make decisions jointly (they must all agree) or jointly and severally (one can act independently of the others). You can choose family members, friends, professionals (your Solicitor or Accountant for example) or a mixture.

    When should you make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

    Now! Statistics show that approximately one in four of us will lose capacity at some time in our lives. Enjoy peace of mind that you have chosen someone you trust to step in and deal with your affairs should you ever need them to. The alternative is that someone (possibly not of your choosing) would need to apply to the Court to be appointed as a Deputy. This is a timely and expensive process.

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