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    Prenups and second marriages
    While the historical view of prenuptial agreements (‘prenups’) has been that they essentially organize the divorce before anything has even gone wrong, there is a growing opinion that they are in fact more of a practical step as to how the financial arrangements are going to take place. It is...
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    The Impact of No-Fault Divorce and Financial Settlements
    On 6 April 2022, the new no-fault divorce law was introduced in England and Wales. As well as transforming divorce law, the changes are also expected to have a positive effect on resolving and settling the matrimonial finances. Under the previous divorce law, the petitioning party was required to...
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    What happens if you die without a Will?
    Two-thirds of adults in England and Wales die each year without having made a valid Will. Some people simply do not get around to making one; others do not realise that significant events in life, for example marriage, can revoke a previously made Will. If you have not made a Will, it is advisabl...
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    Unmarried Fathers and Parental Responsibility
    A little known fact is that unmarried fathers do not automatically have Parental Responsibility – the rights, duties, powers and responsibility a parent has by law in relation to their children. This means that an unmarried father without Parental Responsibility cannot, for example, make decisi...
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    Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney
    Wills Make a Will Firstly, if you do not have a Will, make one now!  You then decide who deals with your estate when you die, who receives your money and assets and who will look after your children and pets. Review your Will It is important to review your Will on a regular basis (every 3 to 5...
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    Changes to Marriage Laws to Protect Children
    Marriage laws are in the process of even further changes. At present, a 16 or 17 year old can get married in England and Wales if they have parental consent. This will not be the case from 27 February 2023 as the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022 is being introduced, which wil...
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    Wills Trusts
    What is a Will Trust? If you make a Will (everyone should do so), and part or all your estate is not to pass to your beneficiaries immediately, a Will Trust is formed. There are various reasons why you would wish to do this.  It may be that some of your beneficiaries are minors (under 18) o...
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    Planning a move with your children?
    Can you move with your children? The answer is maybe. If you are planning a permanent move i.e. one longer than a month, first, you should try to seek permission from all those that have parental responsibility. Who has parental responsibility? A mother automatically has Parental Respon...
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     Covid-19 restrictions and spending time with your children
    Covid-19, and with the introduction of a second lockdown, can mean that parents feel even more pressure regarding making decisions surrounding child arrangements. At the time of writing this article, the current Government guidance remain the same as March 2020 and allows parents to continue to...
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    Has COVID-19 made you consider moving your partner into your property?
    If you own your own property and want to move your partner in firstly you should consider making a Living Together/Cohabitation Agreement to agree terms on property distribution should you split, otherwise it will be left to the Courts to reach decisions on any beneficial interests.  If you also ...
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