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    What were your perceptions or concerns before you used my legal services?

    From my own working background, I know legal services are invariably expensive and often open ended. I also know there is no guarantee the advice you are given is good or bad. Not knowing the Solicitor, you have no way of knowing if you can form a good working relationship.

    How has that perception changed?

    Your charges were properly explained and up front, which was a plus for me/us. The introductory meeting gave us confidence to push on and get the Wills and LPAs done.

    What are the three biggest benefits of my services?

    1. Peace of mind.
    2. Knowing what the costs would be from the out-set.
    3. You met the timelines indicated to us in completion of both the Wills and LPA’s.

    What would you tell other people who are considering using my legal services?

    To do so with confidence.

    What did you most like about my services?

    You were accessible, up front on charges. Clarity in communication, timelines were met.

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