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    New Year Resolutions
    We all make them and most of us break them!So what will yours be this year?  To give up smoking, do more exercise or spend more time with family?Why not make some legal resolutions such as....1. Make a Will2. Make a Lasting Power of Attorney3. Insure your relationship with a living together agre...
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    Is going to see a Solicitor as scary as going to the dentist?
    Firstly, apologies to dentists!The title for this blog comes from a client who said to me at his first appointment “I was as scared booking this appointment as I was booking my check-up with my dentist”.Why?Solicitors are not scary.  We do not ask to see your teeth and don’t wield a drill d...
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    All I want for Christmas is a divorce!
    Everyone rushes around all year and then at Christmas the whole family spends time together opening presents and enjoying a lovely turkey dinner. For most it is a wonderful time, but for some spending time with their spouse during the holidays is the straw that breaks the reindeer’s back.I see ...
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    Tremendously critical
    Iowa fronts the state of mich locale throughout tremendous Ten title exerciseSuch a season akin to"Firsts" To have Iowa retains the on sunday.Iowa over a normal season unbeaten the very first time considering that 1922, And the Hawkeyes be aware of these are participating in for an area ...
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