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    Divorce and Trusts
    When dealing with a financial settlement as part of divorce proceedings, a number of factors need to be decided, such as where is each party going to live, where will the children live, will one spouse need maintenance from the other, etc. All the financial resources of both parties must be discl...
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    Divorce Court fees set to rise to £550
    The Ministry of Justice has announced that the cost of filing a Divorce Petition will rise from £410 to £550. The same increase would apply for an application to dissolve a Civil Partnership.The original proposal was that the fee was to rise to a whopping £750.The proposed increase is subject...
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    Fines for unauthorised holiday absence
    Following on from my previous blog about seeking consent from another parent to take your children abroad, further issues face parents wishing to take their children on holiday during school term. The local authority can impose fines for unauthorised holiday absence for 3 days or more if parents t...
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    Taking children on holiday and what to tell your ex
    If you want to take your children out of the country on holiday, you will need the consent of everyone with Parental Responsibility (PR). So if you are divorced or separated (and the other parent has PR), you will need the consent of the other parent. If they refuse, you will need a Court Order....
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    What do my Executors need to do when I die?
    I am often asked the question ‘What do my Executors need to do when I die?’The first step is that someone must register the death. The Registrar will then provide copies of the Death Certificate. I would advise asking for a few copies (5 or 6 at least). The funeral must also be organised. ...
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    Parental leave for surrogate parents
    As of 5 April 2015, gay and heterosexual surrogate parents are entitled to the same rights to time off work following the birth of their child as other parents.Surrogate parents are now able to claim maternity/paternity leave and pay. This means that one parent can take up to 12 months leave from ...
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    When divorce is not enough
    Many people think that when your divorce is finalised your ex-spouse cannot claim any money from you in the future. Wrong!Divorce merely ends your marriage. It does not sever your financial ties and your ex-spouse can seek a share of your assets, even after you have re-married.Mr Vince found this...
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    DNA tests for family cases
    DNA testsJustice Minister, Simon Hughes, has announced that as from September 2015, DNA tests will be available in all family courts to determine a child’s parentage. The information obtained following pilot schemes in Taunton and Bristol mean that Judges should be more confident in relying on t...
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    The importance of appointing more than one Executor in your Will
    When making your Will, it is important to appoint more than one Executor. If you have only appointed one Executor and he or she dies before you, you will not have an Executor to deal with your estate. It is also possible that your Executor may lose capacity and may not be able to deal with your ...
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    Inheritance Tax and Gifts
    <p>It is generally well-known that if you make a gift and die within 7 years of making the gift AND your estate is worth more than the Nil Rate Band (£325,000 for the 2014/15 tax year), the gift is likely to attract Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax is payable according to a sliding scale d...
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